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What is financial planning?

A financial planner offers more than just financial advice. Financial consultation is often a once-and-done event, resulting in incoherent consults. Financial planning however is a comprehensive and continuous advising process, designed to manage all areas of your financial life. Its aim is to construct a personal plan, focused on realizing financial wishes and needs.

Financial planning is
comprehensive and continuous.

A financial planner looks at your complete financial, fiscal and legal situation to create a personal financial plan that is adjustable in the case of changing circumstances. The aim is to organize and upkeep your financial matters in order to make your financial goals within reach.

The coherent approach offers you insight in your entire financial situation, as well as the possibility to adjust your plan when for instance you are moving, launching a new career path or starting up your own business. Therefore everyone can benefit from financial planning. Without insight into your current financial situation you will have no outlook on a healthy financial future.

Plans are nothing,
planning is everything.

- Dwight D. Eisenhower

What can we do for you?

Equipe helps you to make the most out of your income or your enterprises by investigating your wishes and prioritizing your goals. In Equipe’s coherent advice financial, fiscal and legal factors are mapped together and taken into account accordingly. As such, our advices are thoroughly underpinned and reconstructable at all time.

All disciplines of a
well-rounded financial plan.

Having multiple responsible advisors for one financial household, something which is quite often the case, can lead to inefficiency and an increase of costs. When guided by Equipe you work with a private planner who carries out all disciplines of a well-rounded financial plan. With that, a tailor-made approach becomes possible.

When applicable to your situation, the next subjects are being considered and managed as part of your financial plan:

Quality is not an act,
it is a habit.

- Aristotle

Why do we work as a team?

The approach at Equipe Financiere focuses on both short-term and long-term goals. You may have a discrete question, or could be looking for a professional and thorough look on your entire financial situation. Either way, having initial one-on-one talks with an expert advisor can be beneficial and even necessary. Equipe supports you in a number of financial quests, all the while helping you in gaining insight into your financial opportunities.

Our financial advice is
the result of cooperation.

Our financial advice is not a one-time event; it is the result of cooperation. The aim is to form a successful team or ‘equipe’ with you. Discretion and openness are of key importance to any team, and the same goes for you and Equipe. This applies to both the method of working as well as the remuneration. Since we are working towards your dream as a team, you need to know exactly what your financial planner is doing for you.

Equipe’s approach is based on dedication and is carried out in a tailor-made way. We take all the factors into account that might influence your finances. If you are at the head of your enterprise for example, we encourage welcoming your accountant in the team.

Coming together is a beginning.
keeping together is progress.
working together is success.

- Henry Ford

How do we work?

Equipe Financiere welcomes you to investigate your possibilities for a clear, written plan. In three steps we work towards a secure, successful and comfortable situation, possibly in combination with your enterprises.

Three steps towards a secure,
successful and comfortable situation.

Step 1: Defining your dream
Your financial plan is inspired by your ideal financial picture. Your goals, whether big or small, are the catalysts for a personalized plan.

Step 2: Creating your plan
To bring your dream into the realm of realism, we will take a look at your entire financial landscape — your income and expenses, debts, investments, financial and legal position as well as your risk areas. Furthermore we evaluate a number of things: the rewards you receive from your work place (both primary and secondary) or if you are an entrepreneur; the stability of your income and the way you track it currently. The plan Equipe creates with you puts these factors together in a digital environment that allows you to manage your finances.

Step 3: Maintaining your plan
Your financial goals are not likely to stay the same forever , as your life circumstances will alter. Equipe evaluates your financial situation on a yearly basis to review your ongoing needs and goals and to find out how your plan is working for you, and adjust it if required.

Great things are done by a series of
small things brought together.

-Vincent van Gogh
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